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The application of an early harvest for most of the plantation is a philosophy supported by our work group, fully emphasizing the quality and properties of the oil that is obtained. The mechanization at this stage facilitates harvest continuity and fruit logistics, thus minimizing its processing time and ensuring the integrity of the bottled oil. Two types of technologies are applied in a complementary way for mechanical harvesting, attaining optimal conditions for green fruit picking.

Grinding and Extraction

Allpack has German, Spanish, and Italian cutting-edge technology for the stages of washing, grinding, and oil extraction by means of two-phase centrifuges. At present, we have two extraction lines, with a processing capacity of 100-120 tons per day each. The final plan envisages four complete lines with a processing capacity of 120 tons of fruit per day each.


With a current storage capacity of more than 1,600,000 liters in 55-ton stainless steel tanks, the oil is stored in cool premises and in a nitrogen atmosphere, maintaining all the qualities of this valuable product. The final plan envisages storage for more than 4,000,000 liters under the same conditions.