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Our Farms

We have different productive units located in selective areas of LA RIOJA province. The dry climate conditions (annual precipitation: 100-110 mm) and altitude (800/1,100 meters above sea level) provide the region with an excellent level of healthiness that is reflected in the fruit quality of the olive tree. Along with wide temperature variation, we work in an ideal environment to achieve outstanding quality fruits.

Our Farms

Farm*LocationPlanted AreaArea to be Planted
La ChilinValle de Famatina449,5 has50 has
TecnolivosValle de Famatina353,7 has50 has
YacochullaValle de Famatina262,6 has
GuandacolValle de Guandacol52,5 has

*Location Map


Every productive unit has a multi-varietal structure. Besides, we are cultivating gardens with other varieties to assess their productive behavior and the qualities of their oils for future expansion decisions.

VarietyPlanted AreaOil Organoleptic Properties
Arbequina434,2 hasMedium fruity, easy on the palate
Coratina209,2 hasStrongly fruity, peppery and bitter
Picual172,9 hasMedium fruity, mildly pungent
Barnea111,2 hasStrongly fruity, mildly pungent
Manzanilla78,4 has Strongly fruity, peppery and bitter
Hojiblanca 56,1 hasStrongly fruity, peppery and bitter
Arbosana 22,6 hasMedium fruity, easy on the palate
Otras*15,4 has

* Otras: arauco, carolea, changlot, frantoio, maurino, sirio

Practices and Technologies

Our most valuable productive capital is our staff of Engineers and Technicians specialized in the agricultural, industrial, and electromechanical field, who encourage and promote the improvement of the practices through data-collection, analysis, traceability, and the application of new techniques in all the productive areas. Computer-aided phytomonitoring is one of the most important practices in the production yield and in the rational use of irrigation water (this practice is applied in conjunction with automated systems of valves and irrigation bombs).